Hire a food truck

Why Book From Us?

Some people think if they book a food truck directly they will save money. WRONG! This is absolutely incorrect. In fact,  we generally save our customers money when they book through us. One of the most important issues customers have when they book a food truck directly is PRICE. Food truck operators tend to over charge for private one off events. When you book through us,  we make sure that the food truck operator 'keeps it real' and doesn't over charge our customers.
  • The food truck operator that you booked changes their mind and decide that the original price quoted is now not enough and want to charge you extra. You could either have to pay more money or could have the food truck canceled.
  • Because of our years of expertise in both the entertainment industry and events management: we can advise which food truck would best suit your particular needs and budget.
  • Your food truck operator doesn’t write the details down properly, eg. They could forget to turn up, they could come at the wrong time or could go to the wrong place; the outcome is that your event could be ruined.
  • Food trucks have equipment breaks downs, you could be left with no backup plan.
  • Your food truck operator agrees to provide a certain style food when the booking is made, but change their mind; you could end up getting something you didn’t pay for.
  • If your food truck operator encounters an emergency, eg. car accident, gets sick, family dramas - you could be left with no food to offer your guests.
  • Unfortunately some food truck operator can become very demanding, especially if they know there is no one else to replace them.
  • Another client offers your food truck operator permanent weekly work, where one of the dates falls on the same date as your event, the food truck operator could cancel your booking first.
  • Another client offers your food truck operator more money to have them on the same day as your event, they could cancel your event.
  • If there’s more than one person looking after the food truck operator bookings and your food truck operator double books themselves, you could be the one that misses out.

We are therefore the middle man between you (the client) and the food truck operator.  It is our job to ensure that everything goes well and that you will use our services again.  And just as important, for you to tell your family and friends about the great experience you had with Hire a Food Truck. This is event insurance in its purest form.  It is therefore in our best interests that we work with you to  ensure complete customer satisfaction. We have processes and procedures that minimise any of these problems in booking a food truck.